The iExtruder is a small, bench top extrusion machine. The iExtruder is a tool that offers the design engineer a new option for exploring filament and polymers. It's main purpose in design was to create a solution for filament R&D that could provide useful data, fit on a desk, ship UPS, utilize 110VAC input and sell it all for the lowest price possible. Key features also include cooling, pulling and winding stations. The machine can hold tolerances at a range of +/-.1 mm. 

It is a great option for entry level R&D and especially educational use due to the data collection available. In addition to filament R&D, it is important to realize this is a great tool to study draw down ratios of polymers. Different polymers will experience die swell or draw down. Once pulled, the polymer will have a range which is most optimum to extrude at.