The B3D Filament Extruder is designed by extrusion professionals with decades of experience building extrusion machinery for customers around the world. The iExtrude is designed to perform useful data collection on the extrusion of 3D Filament for a fraction of the cost. We love plastics and plastic extrusion machinery, so the recent surge in the 3D printing industry has us incredibly excited. We are trying to fill a need in not only the 3D printing industry, but the plastics industry as a whole by creating this Bench Top Extruder. Our goals are to provide the customer with high quality products, services and knowledge at price points never before seen in the plastics industry. 


We are located in Sunny South Florida and welcome people to visit us (appointment required). Any sort of cross promotion or collaboration within the 3D printing industry is encouraged here. Part of our goals and interests include securing a niche in the world of 3D Printing and forging lasting relationships with both customers and colleagues. We want to yield innovation for years to come and most importantly have fun within the world of plastics! B3D! Made in the USA.