Maker Faire Orlando 2015

Maker Faire Orlando just concluded and it was a fantastic event for those who attended. The event was split between the Orlando Science Center and the Museum of Art. Both locations had 3D printers and artists alike! 

B3D was present and demonstrating the iExtruder capabilities. Attendees were shocked that such a small device was capable of producing high quality 3D Filament! the iExtrude was setup and running 1.75 mm ABS on both days.


The highlight of the event for B3D was demonstrating the capability of the system to those who were interested. From the serious hobbyist to the local educators, the iExtrude is the premier plastics educational tool!

B3D was also fortunate enough to be next to 'Enabling the Future' campaign, or 'Enable' for short. Enable has created 3D printed prosthetic hands for those in need around the world. With over 1,500 devices in action and over 6,000 on back order, B3D has pledged to volunteer its time and filament to produce several devices over the coming months. For more information on how to help please visit

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