B3D iExtruder, the premier bench top Filament Extrusion System

Hello! The iExtruder is Our New bench top, Filament System. If you are looking for a filament extruder for; lab use and entry level R&D, to create your own samples; then our iExtruder could be a great option for you! Our NEW iExtruder is a great alternative for R&D.  


Our bench top Filament Extruder the; iExtruder…Attracted a lot of attention at the show!  I am happy to share with you that the; iExtruder generated so much interest, that we are working on our 2nd Generation Units! 

Our Founder/CEO; Brandon Bell, has given the iExtruder a sleek, more appealing look, that will compliment any plastic lab! As Promised; the iExtruder is now ready for shipment!


The iExtruder is an all inclusive filament making machine, that is excellent for Educational use. The iExtrude has a modular setup offering many options for the technicians such as different L/D's. This gives the technician the ability to control the draw and online laser measuring. The iExtruder also offers the technician or research and developmental team the ability to Test Proprietary Polymers, Aide in Filament Engineering, all while collecting useful Data, for their own Research and Development on; Filament Test. Therefore the iExtruderallows the Technician to do Their Own Quick 3D Filament Prototyping, without consuming their time or the costly expense of running the larger Extrusion Machines.


The iExtruder features are as follows:

  • Small Bench Top Extruder
  • Cooling station
  • Pulling station
  • Winding station.
  • Powered by 110 VAC
  • Consumes 5 amps or less
  • Pressure display
  • Laser measuring gauge
  • Dual temperature controllers 
  • Temperatures High 500 degrees
  • Produce 3D filament samples
  • Designed for R&D & Educational use
  • Ships UPS 


The iExtruder brings manufacturing to the classroom with excellent repeat-ability and engineering data! The samples produced are not as precise as traditional extrusions methods but commonly hold tolerances of +/-.1 mm on ABS and PLA. The iExtruder is for Research and Development purposes only! However, the iExtruder makes the filament prints readily available for 3D printers. The results of the iExtruder filament prints from the 3D printed parts are excellent and are often confused with prints made from the highest quality filament!!


If you need a way to test various grades of polymers to create filament for a fraction of the cost, to gather data and to create samples to print with; then the iExtruder is for You! If you want to setup your University Lab with a fantastic little machine that brings manufacturing to the class room, then the iExtruder is for you!



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