Key Chain Dimensions!

Everybody loves custom things. People are learning about 3D printing and they are learning to love it too! Print your own custom 3D key chain and have a quick and easy conversation piece that is by your side everyday!

For our friends in Delray Beach, The Wahoo Swim Club, we created a simple keychain utilizing their logo. Printed on our MakerBot 3D printer in just under 30 minutes, this keychain is a great give away for new and existing memebers alike. 


Overall length: 2.75"

Key ring hole diameter: 3/16" (.187")

Thickness: 1/4 (.25")

Material: ABS, with raft option ON

End Radii: .2"

These are the overall dimensions of the Wahoo Keychain. Use them to customize your own and show it to all your friends! Get out there and B3D!!

Also uploaded to Thingiverse under Wahoo Keychain! 

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