B3D iExtruder - Public Release!

Tired of filament extrusion promises from school kids, ...dreamers?

...Or getting stories and promises, ....rather than something that actually works?






We have been testing and designing a bench top extruder for over 12 months. We are finally ready to release it to the public. We have been designing and building extrusion equipment for over 30 years in our Industry. We have poured our expertise and knowledge into this design. We have ran thousands of materials and have designed machinery for thousands of products. We are experts! We know what the plastic wants! What it needs, how to form it, shape it, make it! We are experts in the Extrusion industry, and desire to be the best!

Our B3D Personal Filament Extruder is currently capable of running approximately 1 lb / hour generating quality filament for your Research and Developmental needs. It is professionally made and features warranty and process support. The electrical controls feature precise control systems, live diagnostic capability and easy to use operator interfaces to make duplicating process parameters simple.

Our expertise, knowledge and design sets us apart from all the others.


The iExtruder features are as follows:

  • Small Bench Top Extruder.
  • Cooling station.
  • Pulling station.
  • Winding station.
  • Powered by 110 VAC
  • Pressure display
  • Laser measuring gauge.  
  • Dual temperature controllers. 
  • Produce 3D filament samples.
  • Ships UPS
  • Powered by 110 VAC 


Our goal is to offer quality, dependable equipment. We do not use parts that belong under a kitchen sink! We use properly designed components for our Extruding Machinery. Our Extruder, is for the serious extrusion makers, R&D professional, or skilled hobbyist. This is a tool that can be used to process many different types of polymers and is powered by 110VAC and has many desirable options for the R&D environment. 


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